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About Us

and what we do..

It began..

In 2006 I  started out by taking some wedding  photos for a family friend which turned out to be quite good. I did some more, got a bit better and invited Lisa along to give me a hand.  The rest is history. I’m not a member of any fancy group or organisation as all that matters are the people that book us.

Being with people when they get married is special. Being trusted to nail that day is the ultimate responsibility.  We really enjoy it,  we are good at it and we have some fun doing it!

We can cover your wedding day from the start to the end, from the bridal preparations through to the evening celebrations and everything in between.

If we get the chance and the weather permits, I'll bring along my drone for some aerial photos of the venue and guests. Yes I'm licensed and insured. It's a crowd puller.

We will travel throughout anywhere!

Qualifications and Experience:
I have been taking photographs as a hobby for over 30 years and professionally at work for over 25 years and have been a professional wedding photographer since 2007.

My background is in accident investigation and I hold a Diploma in Forensic Accident Investigation & Reconstruction (DeMonfort University). I've attended related courses including Digital Forensic Photography and Night Photography. It has provided me with a good basis for a wide range of fundamental photography techniques.

Rich & Lisa