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The Drone

and aerial photography/video...

I am a commercially qualified and licensed UAV (aka "Drone") pilot with a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) issued by the CAA. I am fully insured for aerial operations with aviation based insurance and have additonal permission for Night Operations.

My qualification is RUSTA RPC
(Rheinmetall Unmanned Systems Training Academy, Remote Pilot Course) which is an approved Course by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

I operate a DJI remote controlled quadcopter and can take high quality photographs and HD video.


Please contact me directly if you have something in mind and would like to receive a specific quotation.

Drone FAQs..

What is the quality of the photos?
The photos are 12mb and the video is up to 4k.

How long can you fly for?
Subject to weather and flight mode, each battery provides enough flight for around 20 minutes. 

Licence Restrictions
I can fly to 400 feet above the ground and 500 metres horizontally keeping the device in sight at all times.  I can fly as close as I deem it safe to people or buildings under my control (ie with permission). Otherwise it is:

  • 50 metres away from people/buildings

  • Not within 150 metres of a congested area (ie housing)

  • Not within 150 metres or over a crowd of more than 1000 people